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The Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation

CESEI Education

Courses on UBC CPD



Fetal Health Surveillance -

Pediatric Simulation Assisted Emergency Medical Procedures (PEMP) -

Simulation-Assisted Emergency Medicine Procedures (SEMP) -

Ultrasound Guided Emergency Medicine Procedures (UGEMP) -

Courses on UBC Connect



AECOPD-Mob: Acute exacerbation of COPD

Basic Surgical Techniques and Trauma Evaluation and Management Simulation (TEAM-SIM)

e-Learning@Surgery - Department Grand Rounds

Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS)

Foreign Body Diagnosis and Removal

Human Factors in Medicine - Integrated into Simulation Fellowship Program

Introduction to Basic Surgical Techniques

Introduction to Simulators

Obstetrics and Gynecology Lectures - Integrated into OBGYN-600

Physical Examination of Female Genitalia - Integrated into OBGYN-600

Rheumatic Diseases

Simulation Fellowship Program

Courses on VCH CCRS



Advanced Clinical Nursing Management

COPD and its Management

Clinical Competence Skill Set (CCSS)

Clinical Competence Based Simulated Physiotherapy Learning

Goals of Care and Advance Planning

HipE - Challenging the Norm

Introduction to Comprehensive Procedural Sedation education for RN

Introduction to Perioperartive Nursing

Rheumatoid Arthritis Hand

Total Joint Arthroplasty Outcome Measures Course (TJAOM)

Courses on VCC Moodle



Introduction to the Perioperative LPN Nursing Program

Courses on PHSA Learning Hub

BC Cancer Agency Periperative Nursing - Migration in Progress

Physical Therapy: Rheumatoud Arthritis

Web Apps Migrated

UBC Chung Research Day Abtraction Submission Tool

UBC Transplant Research Day Abstraction Submission Tool

Migration in Progress

Fetal Health Surveillance - Destination UBC CPD

BC Cancer Agency Perioperative Nursing - Destination PHSA Learning Hub