Our most frequently asked questions

General FAQ

Q: What are your hours of operations

A: Regular Staff hours are Mondays to Fridays 0830 to 1730.  If you require after hour access please contact us ahead of time to arrange or access.

Q: My course / meeting / event takes place after regular staff hours. How do I get access to the centre?

A: Please contact staff ahead of time to make arrangements. Alternatively, you can call hospital security to open the doors

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located on the third floor of Vancouver General Hospital, Jim Pattison Pavillion North. Our address is 3600 – 910 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC.

Q: What are the hours for shipping and receiving

A: Shipping and Receiving hours in Vancouver General Hospital are Mondays to Fridays 07:00 to 15:00

Q: When is CESEI moving?

A: Our estimated move-in date at our new location in CP2 of Vancouver General Hospital is July 2018.

Technical FAQ

Q: What type of support is provided for simulation programs?

A: CESEI provides simulator orientation, medical device orientation, scenario writing training, A/V system training, and IT/AV consulting prior to your course. We also provide specialized setup, testing, and take-down for each course, depending on the agreed upon program requirements. On the day of your course, we will either provide on-call support or full support, depending on the agreed upon program requirements.

Q: What video inputs do you have in your simulation rooms?

A: Our lecture theatre and wet simulation lab have VGA and HDMI inputs. We have 2 breakout rooms that have VGA and HDMI, and 3 other rooms that have VGA only.

Q: Can our cadaver lab, simulation sessions, and educational meetings be videoconferenced and recorded?

A: Yes. Please contact us one week in advance and inform us of your requirement.

Q: Does CESEI have WIFI?

A: Yes, you are able to connect to ubcsecure, vch-staff, and phsa-staff wireless networks. Alternatively, we have a guest WIFI if you don’t have login credentials to those networks.

Q: Does CESEI have power adapters and video adapters for laptops and devices, laser pointers, and presentations slide advancers available for use or loan?

A: We will try our best to accommodate you, but always strive to bring your own accessories for your devices and presentations.

Other FAQ

Q: How many multipurpose rooms do you have?

A: Our lecture theatre, wet simulation lab, computer lab, and 6 breakout rooms are all multipurpose rooms that can be customized and re-arranged to your course requirements.

Q: What are the room capacities of your simulation and multipurpose rooms?

A: Lecture Theatre (40 people), Cadaver Lab (40 people), Computer / Skills Lab (25 people) / Large Breakout Rooms (25 people) /5 Regular Breakout Rooms (10 people each)

Q: Do you provide tours and workshops for the community?

A: Yes, depending on resource and staff availability, we have conducted tours for UBC, high schools, universities, and “Bring your kid to work Days.”

Q: Do you loan equipment for medical programs?

A: Yes, depending on resource availability, we have loaned equipment to medical programs. You will have to sign out a loan form and be responsible for safe usage and return of equipment.

Q: Do you allow rooms and resources to be used for research purposes?

A: Depending on room and resource availability, we have conducted studies such as sleep deprivation studies in the past.