Our Services

The Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation provides a wide range of services for VCH, UBC, and other health authorities, clients and stakeholders. Whether it’s a human anatomy lab, an online board exam, a simulation course, or a multi-site videoconference, we got you covered. Click below for more details.


We offer a wide range of simulation services which include:

    • Cadaver Labs
    • CPD and CME Courses and Conferences
    • Medical device testing
    • Patient Simulation
    • Simulation Fellowship and Train the Trainer Programs
    • Suturing Skills Labs
    • Task Trainers




    • E-Learning and Digital Media¬† Services: Useful for pre-reading and didactic online materials before using hands-on simulation
    • IT/AV services for simulation programs, meetings, and conferences
    • IT/AV services for online exams
    • Maintenance of simulators, computer workstations, and supporting equipment
    • Simulation Debriefing Technology
    • Specialized Setup, Testing, and Takedown of simulation, workshop, and conference events.
    • Videoconferences



We utilize the latest UBC Videoconference systems to enable standardized learning in all participating locations.

    • Multi-site videoconference with other hospitals or universities in B.C.
    • Multi-site videoconference with other locations in North America or International locations
    • Broadcast a live surgery, anatomy lab, simulation session, or debriefing session
    • Videoconference your rounds, meeting, seminar, academic half day, debriefing, etc
    • Particpants can also attend and participate through desktop, mobile device, or audio-bridge


Online Exams

Our computer lab has been tested and certified to deliver online exams to numerous departments for over 10 years. Some of the participating departments include:


    • Anesthesiology Online Exams
    • Dermatology Online Exams
    • General Surgery Exams
    • Plastic Surgery Online Exams
    • VCH Respiratory Services Online Exams
    • Urology Online Exams



    • Room booking and resource/space planning
    • Specialized Setup for courses, meetings, and events
    • Organizing your first course, meeting, or event
    • Technical Consulting for courses and events
    • Medical case programming for patient simulators
    • Simulator orientation and training
    • AV system orientation